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Dr. Buzby's ToeGrips®

Are the ToeGrips® suitable for my dog?

If your dog can get up and walk on carpet and grass/lawn, but slips and slides on hard floors indoors, then ToeGrips® are a good fit!

ToeGrips® are designed for older dogs with arthritis and dogs with handicaps (blindness, amputation, wheelchair) that spend a lot of their time indoors. 

So they are for "walkers" rather than "runners". ToeGrips® can be exceptionally helpful for younger dogs in special cases, e.g. during rehabilitation after surgery or injury.

Will my dog chew off the ToeGrips®?

Even though many people assume that ToeGrips® are frequently chewed off by dogs, 97% of dogs do not mind their ToeGrips® or chew on them. In fact, most dogs don't even notice them because they sit on the poorly innervated claws and don't make contact with the skin and pads. Based on the size of the dog and the size of the corresponding ToeGrips®, swallowed ToeGrips® should be able to pass through the gastrointestinal tract unimpeded. Until now, this has always been the case. ToeGrips® are certified by the *FDA and are non-toxic.


*The FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, is a U.S. agency responsible for the approval and market surveillance of food, drugs and medical devices.

How do I choose the right size for my dog?

The right size is crucial for success. The size depends on the circumference of the claws. Measuring the circumference of your dog's claws is an essential one-time task. 


If your dog's claws are too long, trim the claws before you start measuring, as this is the only way to determine the correct size. When you use the ToeGrips® for the first time, do not assume that they will slide easily onto the claws, because then they are usually one size too big.

How long do the ToeGrips® last?

ToeGrips® typically last 1-3 months, two months on average. Typical duration depends on size, environment and gait pattern. The more the gait pattern deviates from "normal", the faster the ToeGrips® wear out.