Frequently asked Questions

Safety questions

Do the TOEGRIPS® work on ice or snow?

We have not personally tested the ToeGrips® on ice or snow. However, we have received some testimonials that ToeGrips® are helpful for dogs on ice and snow.

Can fungi grow under the ToeGrips®?

We recommend that ToeGrips® be removed, cleaned and nails inspected regularly, but dogs' claws are not usually a place for bacterial, fungal or yeast infections.

Do ToeGrips® pose a risk to cats and other small animals?

Since swallowing a foreign object is always a major problem with animals, we recommend keeping ToeGrips® out of reach of cats and other small animals.

My dog has swallowed his ToeGrips®. What should I do?

ToeGrips® are theoretically small enough to easily pass through your dog's gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Buzby has never received a complaint of harm to a dog from swallowing ToeGrips®. However, please use ToeGrips® responsibly and under supervision. If you have any concerns about ingestion, please contact a veterinarian.

Why does the package say "Keep out of reach of children"?

We want owners to know that ToeGrips® can be a choking hazard for young children. They are not a toy.